Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip 11 -- Grand Forks Fitness Trail

I decided to navigate the entire GF Fitness Trail today, a map of it (and the Greenway) can be seen here. It is a really nice trail, and I wish there were more like it in Grand Forks. I didn't even realize it goes right by Sertoma Park, which I recently discovered for myself this week.

The trail was great, I loved how it was marked with the smiley faces. My only complaint is sometimes it's hard to tell which way the trail goes when you come to an intersection. I did figure it out for myself, but accidentally left the path a couple times.

I went early because the forecast calls for more rain, it still looks pretty nice out as I type this but according to this, it's supposed to pour soon.

I'll start off with another question for anyone who can answer it. What the hell are these greenish things I see everywhere? They're usually unmarked too so it's been a big mystery to me for a while. Not that I've been losing sleep over it, but I have faith one of you knows what they are.

Someone else was apparently frustrated by these things too and wanted to get a look at their insides.

I've been trying to take more pictures of wildlife, but I keep scaring them away before I get a chance. Luckily this guy decided to hang out for a little bit.

This is a pretty cool marker near Sertoma Park, off of the Fitness Trail. For reference, I put a placemark on my Google Map of where the marker is. It is pretty crazy to stand there, read that, and think of what it was like during the flood.

Click the image to make it larger

I could've either continued on the trail or gone down the path through this rickety bridge. I definitely had to choose the bridge.

I thought this a pretty cool area and was surprised I'd never heard of it before. I continued down the trail to see a familiar area...the same spot I was in earlier this week. A sign that said Sertoma Park. It all makes sense now.

The Ralph Engelstad Arena is definitely one of the coolest things in this entire region. We are really lucky to have it.

Saw this guy on 20th street near 24th ave. They are a good idea, but I gotta think it backfires sometimes. I know I've seen people gun it just to see how fast they can go when they drive by these things.

If you noticed, I just added a blogroll of some of the blogs I read, if you want yours on there, shoot me an e-mail.

That's all I got for today, thanks for reading!

Start: 11:27
End: 12:40
Temp: 79 degrees
Trip: 9.6 mi

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Bubble Head said...

Those ugly green boxes are mostly phone lines. Some may be cable TV lines and the much larger darker green ones are electric power boxes.

Jay said...

I actually took a picture of my buddy standing on a sandbag in the middle of the flooded Noren parking lot, right before we evacuated our dorm room in 1997. Thank God we were on the second floor.

This blog is damned intriguing. I love it.

Matthew K. Hartman said...

Very good, JP. I commented on an earlier post of yours about the Fitness Trail and I see you've discovered it already! It's a great thing and the only thing I would like to see is a resurfacing of it between 24th and 17th Avenues. There are portions that are just horrendous to run on, let alone bike.