Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Greenway Will be Closed for a While

According to this Herald article at least. What I took from it is that we won't see the Greenway completely open until the second half of summer, which is unfortunate since the summer lasts about 2 months here. This really is sad news because the Greenway was definitely the staple of my trips, and I'm sure many other residents feel the same way.

Time to start looking for some alternatives. There's always the Grand Forks Fitness Trail, it's not quite as long or scenic as the Greenway, but it's still pretty nice. There's also a bike path that runs way south of town that I've been through many times. If there are other alternatives that I'm missing (and I'm sure there are), please feel free to post a comment.


Matthew said...

I think the real alternative is for the people of Grand Forks to take some ownership of the Greenway and pitch in to get things back in shape. We don't have to wait for the city to do it--I'm sure Kim would be happy to organize volunteer efforts if enough people contacted her.

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