Sunday, April 5, 2009

Final Flood Update

Unless there's a resurgence of biblical proportions, this will be my final post covering the flood of 2009, I would like to try to get back to riding next week when it warms up (crossing fingers).
I realize the flood fight isn't over by any means, but I will no longer be doing updates on it, unless there's important announcements or needs for volunteers. To all the people that came to my site during the flood from all over the country, I do hope you come back to see the regularly scheduled programming. I want to thank everyone that went sandbagging throughout our region, it's volunteers like you that really remind everyone why our state is considered one of the friendliest, and it helps restore my faith in humanity.

See you on the trails.

River Levels:

Fargo: 36.53 ft
Grand Forks: 46.88 ft


UND student said...

I don't think the river is done quite yet...

JP said...

I'm well aware of that, but I'm no longer providing daily updates on it.